As somebody who has been injured in a serious car accident myself, I am truly sorry for your recent involvement in this incident. However, I fully empathize with your ordeal. With the insurance companies defending and fighting for their at-fault insured, you too need a vigorous, professional, and caring partner as an attorney who will advocate for your rights. As you know, I do not have any car crash commercials, pictures of clients in neck braces, or promises of making you rich. However, what I do have and promise you is that I am committed to our attorney-client relationship and as such, will strive to provide not only top notch legal advice, but also equal client service and availability. In order to facilitate a clear and open channel of communication, I value any client contact, whether it is by phone, email, or text. To that extent, you can expect me to always keep you updated along every step of the way and vice-versa, should you have any question at any time, you will know that I am there for you.

I would be more than happy to provide to you a free consultation, however, my consultations differ from any other attorney in the personal injury field. Not only do I explain the process from beginning to end, but I also am willing and confident enough to show you my past work so that you can compare it to other attorneys you may be consulting with at this time. As a recently involved car accident victim, you most likely have many questions and I am looking forward to not only giving you answers, but to also show you my past examples of work and how I practice personal injury law.


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