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The Law Firm of Alan Spivak solely focuses on the practice of personal injury law. If you are seeking Counsel in other areas, please do not hesitate to call me and I would be more than happy to provide a reference for you. Ultimately, the most important part of the attorney-client relationship is that you trust your lawyer and their ability to advocate on your behalf in any situation. Please allow me to show you how I can meet your expectations in your personal injury matter.

Above all, from the time of injury up until and throughout treatment, listen to your accident scene personnel, doctors, and therapists. They are trained and licensed to take care of you and your well being from the moment you are harmed. Your health is the most important part to me as I trust it is yours as well.

Related to your health, I want to make my clients understand that any accident today may result in unfortunate and temporary or permanent damages in the future. To that extent, you should be prepared to discuss multiple consequences of your accident with me in a consultation regarding all bodily and economic harms. Many people don’t understand how an injury can effect their quality of life until they become involved in an accident and unfortunately have their body twisting and turning in multiple ways all within a matter of a few seconds. Again, no matter what magnitude of your accident you happen to be involved in, I will fight for you and the proper damages you rightfully deserve.