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Client testimonials

Alan helped settle a claim for a rear end collision. The accident was not severe, but there were $2100 in medical bills. Per Alan's advice, I waited for the other party's insurance company to pay the claim, and I'm glad I did. The total amount was over $7k. I am very happy with Alan's diligent work and expertise working with insurance companies and procedures. Thank you!

- Dmitry

On January 11th, I was hit by a car traveling at 55 mph, the driver was cited. Alan Spivak has been very helpful representing me in this ordeal. Unaware that I had a concussion, I was involved in a second accident, It was in bad weather. Alan represented me as a favor and had the citation dismissed from court. I highly recommend him, Thanks Alan.

- Adam H.

Mr. Spivak handled my OVI case and I was more than pleased with his services. I was facing a significant amount of jail time and he made sure I did not spend a single day in there. He was very professional and hardworking. Any time I ever wanted an update with my case or had any questions it was never a struggle to reach him. I was always treated with respect and I felt as if he really and honestly cared about my case and fighting to get the best result possible. I would definitely hire him again and would recommend him to anyone.

- Roman

Alan possess what anyone wishes to find in a great lawyer: knowledge, professionalism, dedication, excellent communication skills. What sets him above other lawyers out there is his compassion and empathy. He works hard to achieve the best results for his clients and provides emotional support for the turmoil that comes with being involved in any legal matter. He is dedicated to his work and consistently goes beyond the call of duty. I would recommend him over and over again.

- Tamara

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